TRS-80 Model II Archive Project

Note: When we refer to the Model II we mean the entire Model II line of computers that includes the Model II/12/16/16B/6000.

TRS-80 Model 16

TRS-80 Model 16

Do you have any TRS-80 Model II 8 inch floppy disks laying around? Maybe you no longer have a Model II but you held onto your disks or maybe you obtained the disks by themselves. If so, you can do your part to help the vintage computing Model II community by sending in your floppy disks for archiving into the Model II Archive.


Model II 8" floppy disks

Model II 8″ floppy disks



Do you have a Model II but your computer’s 8 inch disk drive is not working? You can send in your disks so that they can be imaged for you and we will provide you with digital copies. You can then use these digital floppy images in a modern floppy drive emulator like the HxC on your Model II.


Model 16 with HxC floppy emulator

Model 16 with HxC floppy emulator

Maybe you have a Model II computer with a working 8” floppy drive but you have no disks to test or to use the machine? We can send you some working physical DOS disks upon request. Understand that 8” media is becoming rarer by the day so please limit your request to a few different DOSes. We can provide disks of most DOSes found in the Model II Archive.

Do you have Model II manuals or documentation that you no longer need or plan to throw away? Please consider sending them in to be scanned and placed into the archive for the use of current and future Model II enthusiasts. Or scan them yourself and send us the PDFs if you have the time and inclination to create quality scans.

Model 6000 Xenix documentation

Model 6000 Xenix documentation

Contact Us to find out more or to send in your artifacts.

There are a few reasons we’re offering this service.

First, is to foster the restoration of these beautiful computers and to build a strong community of TRS-80 Model II enthusiasts. If you have digital floppy images you will be much more likely to want to use your Model II since you are eliminating one of the major problems with these computers today…finding and maintaining working 8” drives and media. Most of these machines led a hard life in business environments and are typically non-functional, especially the floppy drives. So it is especially rewarding to get one of these computers up and running. Using digital media makes that task much easier.

Secondly, you may have software or documentation that is no longer available anywhere else. It is quite possible that you could have the only working copy of some original Model II software. There are Model II manuals that I have never seen that may or may not still exist. By imaging your disks and documentation, you can help to build the collection of rare artifacts in the Model II Archive. This archive is concerned exclusively with the preservation of artifacts for the TRS-80 Model II so that future enthusiasts can keep these historically important microcomputers operational.

Not all software submitted will be put into the archive. We endeavor to maintain only clean master copies of software. This is not always possible so there may be multiple copies of various quality of a particular title. Also, there may be some titles that the known copyright owner have asked us to not include in the archive. We always respect these legitimate requests. But those requests are few because the need for preservation of these rare artifacts is understood and supported.

Please note that we will filter out any personal information before placing images into the archive. If you send us your disks we will generally not return them to you unless you ask. The reason is that we will reformat and reuse any good 8″ disks after imaging them to create working DOS disks for other enthusiasts. We’re a community of collectors helping each other out…give and take. If you definitely require to get your disks back, we would request that you send the return shipping costs and try to just make it easy for us to send them back by sending them in a reusable shipping container.

This service is inspired by and adheres to the concepts laid out by Ira at Ira has offered these types of disk services for many years for the TRS-80 Model I/III/4 machines. He has expressed his support for our efforts to do likewise for the Model II line of computers.

Any questions? Please read Ira’s FAQ which pretty much applies to the Model II 8” services as well. Please make sure you read through it before you consider sending your disks.

Before requesting DOS disks, please make sure your Model II can start up properly and boots to the “INSERT DISKETTE” screen. Please don’t bother requesting disks until you can get to this point. When you request DOS disks we will ask you some questions to ensure your system is in working order.

Please also consider sending a donation. Maintaining the aging imaging equipment and obtaining good working 8” floppy disks is not cheap. Especially given the age of the 8” media, and the issues that old media can cause with floppy drives.

You can get technical help with your Model II from the strong community of enthusiasts at the VCF Tandy Forum.