By | November 5, 2013

GoferNote was an iOS app that I developed along with my partners and good friends at PBJ&H App Factory, Jamie, Harun and Becky…Hi guys! (if you’re reading this). While we had it up and running and published to the App Store for several years, we did eventually shutdown the service rather than let it linger. It worked pretty well but we never achieved the momentum needed for success.


Here’s the App Store description that we used:

GoferNote lets you drop a note at any location, for yourself or a friend. It makes sure you never forget to pick something up, drop something off, or get something done where it needs to be done. You can even go social with it and leave a reminder for your spouse, partner, or friend. Need your spouse to pick up some dinner on the way home, leave a GoferNote at the grocery store. It’s that simple. By dropping the note at exactly where you need it to be, GoferNote makes sure that you or your contacts never forget a to-do.

So what are you waiting for? Get GoferNote, and Get It. Together.

And here are my technical highlights:

  • Designed and built the entire GoferNote backend platform as a highly-scalable REST API based on a Java/MySQL/DynamoDB system running in AWS ElasticBeanstalk.
  • Designed and built the entire Objective C GoferNote native iOS mobile app which was available in the App Store for several years.

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